Ask these 3 questions with your ‘Person’ to reflect on 2017 and plan for 2018

Ask these 3 questions with your ‘Person’ to reflect on 2017 and plan for 2018

Instead of being obsessed with New Years resolutions and goals, my friend and I took a different approach. We gave each other some critical advice from 2017 as well as one thing that we were proud of each other for in 2017. After asking each other these two questions, we brain stormed one way that we can both help each other in 2018. Such simple questions turned into an incredible conversation and so I challenge you to sit down your friend… partner… parent… who ever is important to you, and ask them these 3 questions and have them do the same for you:

  1. What is one thing you think I did well this year?
  2. What is one thing I did not do well this year?
  3. What is one way you can help me with next year?

Make sure that the person you ask these questions with is your “person.” They have to care about you and care about what you’re doing, otherwise these questions would not make sense and wouldn’t have any impact. If I were married, I would probably ask my wife. But I’m not married. I’m 23 and single (and ready to mingle).  The reason I asked these questions with my friend and business partner, Hugh Ingalls, is because the most important thing to me in 2018 is that I take myself and my business, Battle of the Gains, to the next level. I want to be an “Action Figure” that does no talking, only takes action. I want to bridge the gap from ideas in my mind to making them reality as quickly as possible. Hugh is the same way so the conversation we had was just what we needed in order to plan out 2018. Before I talk about what our feedback was, let me tell you about Hugh Ingalls… my strategic business partner and very good friend.

  • Hugh is the co-founder and executive producer of Ingalls Pictures, a video production company that creates cinematic videos for companies, musicians, sports and wedding. Hugh works with his brother (other co-founder) who is a hybrid of Hans Zimmer and Steven Spielberg as well as his father (Pete), a gifted writer and the next Edgar Allen Poe. They also brought on Michael King this year, one of the hardest working videographers on this side of the Mississippi.
  • Hugh is also the assistant coach of the Byron Center Varsity Hockey Program. Hockey is in Hugh’s blood. He started the Aquinas Hockey Program when he was a freshman in college.
  • Hugh serves on two city boards; the historical preservation board (preserving historical structures and districts in Grand Rapids) and the Mayor’s Millennial Advisory Board where he advises the Mayor on city policy and how to make Grand Rapids great again.
  • Hugh is co-host of ‘Living at 100’ – a podcast that dives into how we can be the best version of ourselves. Hugh and our buddy Atikh have understood that when you have conversation with someone you trust, valuable content is created. They are on their 38th episode:

Hugh plans on taking on each of his endeavors to the next level in the form of making Hollywood movies and watching his brother, Ned, accept an Oscar award, working with the United Nations and winning state championships with Byron Center Hockey. We’ve been working together for 2 years now and it’s been exciting to watch everything unfold for Hugh and his business.

Now to the good stuff!

We talked about what went poorly in 2017. Hugh told me that I was inconsistent…which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing because I had a diverse range of learning experiences (working in restaurants, gyms, health care systems, media companies, construction companies, events and apparel) in 2017. Hugh also said I need to stop listening to people and start owning my own story because Battle of the Gains is about my experiences. I’ve been in the media several times now and whenever people ask me what Battle of the Gains is all about…I’ll quote Bible scripture because I just met with a pastor…I’ll say it’s about ancient greek philosophy after talking with my uncle…and it’s not about that…it’s about the fact that BOTG is changing my life. So I need to own that and stop saying what other people tell me to say.

I told Hugh he needs to sharpen up his podcasts skills. A lot of the conclusions end with Hugh being at a loss for words…instead of him telling his audience what he thinks. That needs to change. Hugh has the potential to be a major influence and thought leader in the next couple of years so I think it’s imperative that he always leaves his audience with something that they didn’t realize before and something that gets them thinking. Another thing I told Hugh is that he needs to tell his story better with social media because obviously he has an incredible story and he is being selfish by not sharing it. I get it. Social media takes a lot of time when that time could be better spent doing actual work, making money and enjoying life. But I do believe that with what Hugh is aiming to accomplish, he will ultimately be very successful is he shares his journey for the next 30 years via social media so that other aspiring entrepreneurs and world changers can learn from Hugh’s awesome experiences.

We kept it short for what we were proud of each other for. He said it was great that I hosted 6 community events the last two years and it was fun to be a part of it. We’ve been on radio, TV, billboards and have reached several million people on Facebook. If you look above at the 4 bullet points that I used to describe Hugh’s accomplishments that was everything I shared with him. He’s on several boards, has a successful video production company, a podcast and he also coaches hockey. The coolest accomplishment in my eyes though, was the fact that Hugh did a full-length feature documentary with Catholic Central High School. My mother actually went to CC, small world. Two years ago, Hugh asked if they wanted to do a short film with their football team and guess what?! They literally went all the way to Ford Field and won the state championship in 2016. If that’s not crazy enough for you, they did it again in 2017. They’re the first team in 107 years to win a back-to -back state championships and Hugh was ‘lucky’ enough to get the whole thing on video and now they’re looking at getting the film into film festivals. You can watch the video here: The last (on this list, he definitely did more) thing that Hugh did was for about 5 months, he woke up at 430am every morning so that he could get all of his work done before most people were even waking up. It took him to the next level and it was pretty inspiring to see him have such discipline.

Now came the best question. How can we help each other in 2018? It was a no-brainer. I told Hugh that I would help him stay consistent and create content with his social media highlighting what he does on a daily basis with his multiple ventures. Hugh told me that he would help me be consistent as well with staying focused on what we are currently building for 2018; which will include our 3rd annual Community Gains Events, several networking events called ‘Gaining Your Edge”, and another project that we are calling US Gains…more to come soon.

What did you do well in 2017? What did you need to improve on in 2017? Only your ‘person’ can give you the answers that you need to hear in order to make changes for the better in 2018. I hope this blog inspired you to take your life to the next level with whoever your person is so that you can live your life at 100 next year and many years to come. Now go and get those gains!


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