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When I first heard about Battle of the Gains, I thought it was about basketball and I wasn’t sure exactly what it really was. Then it ended being completely different, there was physical activity and basketball was involved in the first Battle of the Gains summer event. I also thought that it was a battle [...]

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June 24: 2nd Annual Community Gains Event

Events with a Cause - Promoting Physical, Mental and Spiritual Gains Calling all Competitors!June 24: Sports challenges, scavenger hunts for medals, prizes Whether you want to UNLEASH YOUR INNER ANIMAL or put your science savvy on the line, sign up now! Go to to enter competitions to be eligible for medals and prizes. Give yourself [...]

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Battle of the Gains partners with the Transplant Games of America

June 24 event raises funds for athletes with organ transplants “We’ve selected a great cause for our June 24 Unleash Your Inner Animal event at John Ball Park Zoo (Grand Rapids, MI),” announces Will Ellermets, founder and CEO of Battle of the Gains (Gains). Ellermets and his Gains group put on community events with a [...]

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April: Financial Gains

"A penny saved is a penny earned...and then some!" Investing a little $$$ early in life leads to big gains By guest blogger: Susan K. Maciak – CAMEO Communications & Consulting LLC   Saving pennies in a piggy bank brings back childhood memories that most of us abandoned long ago. Millennials (20-35 year olds) work hard [...]

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March: Mental Gains

“Battle of the Gains tackles mental health issues” By guest blogger: Susan K. Maciak – CAMEO Communications & Consulting LLC   Mental health is a topic that is still mostly taboo. Yet, almost daily, another unstable person acts out in violence, homicide or suicide. No one seems to be able to stop the bleeding. “That’s why [...]

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February: Relationship Gains

“Do’s and Don’t for Relationships that Work” By guest blogger: Susan K. Maciak – CAMEO Communications & Consulting LLC   Carefree college students often project that “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” as the song goes, or give the impression that guys in their 20s are not interested in serious relationships. “Not true,” says Will [...]

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January: What is Battle of the Gains?

“Personal pain pushed college student to help peers” By guest blogger: Susan K. Maciak – CAMEO Communications & Consulting LLC   Where did it start? When will it end? The Joker – Aurora, Colorado Virginia Tech Massacre – Blacksburg, Virginia Sandy Hook First Grade Slaughter - Newtown, Connecticut From coast to coast, American youth have [...]

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