Peter M.

Peter M.

When I first heard about Battle of the Gains, I thought it was about basketball and I wasn’t sure exactly what it really was. Then it ended being completely different, there was physical activity and basketball was involved in the first Battle of the Gains summer event. I also thought that it was a battle of some kind, and I remember preparing for the summer event lifting in the gym and I heard there was going to be powerlifting and I was excited to max out deadlifting at the Battle of the Gains. Since then, Battle of the Gains has shaped out to be a very cool fitness community and revolution and a movement for change within yourself, your community and ultimately the world.


One thing I specifically liked about Battle of the Gains is that they are a very supportive group of people. I like how they’re all focused on fitness, wellness and focusing on succeeding and conquering your goals in life. If you’re feeling down, Battle of the Gains is usually there to help boost you back up and keep fighting and making sure you stay focused on tasks and achieving and working towards your goals. They’ve also had many cool photo shoots with all of the people from Battle of the Gains and it’s a good way to make more friends around the fitness community and meet new people. Battle of the Gains also has very cool apparel and it is a growing brand, movement, legacy and revolution in the fitness community. I like being able to buy new Battle of the Gains gear every few months, when they usually come out with a brand new piece of the clothing and so far I love it and can’t say anything negative about it.


If I were to recommend BOTG to my best friend, I would tell them that if you really love fitness and being surrounded by awesome individuals who will push you to grow in your life through physical strength in the gym as well as mental and other obstacles that you may face, then you should join in with the Battle of the Gains team.


Through the ups and downs in life, Battle of the Gains has been a very supportive and positive impact on my life. Just being around awesome individuals having fun, lifting weights and wearing very cool brand new BOTG shirts. It is just very fun to be around and see what their next steps are and how they plan to try and change their community and the world around them as well as around ourselves and how we try to change the world around us. I can picture myself supporting Battle of the Gains movement while achieving my goals and ultimately pushing others to achieve their goals as well. And Battle of the Gains is always surprising me in different ways and I see it surprising me with more exciting and thrilling moments in life and very cool experiences. I think that the community will grow in the future and as a community it will stick together no matter what and keep growing and changing their own lives as well as others around them.

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