A day in the life of Billy Gains (3.10.2021)

Today was a productive day! I woke up and couldn't stop thinking about how one week from now we'll be in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I've never been to Santa Fe, New Mexico before! There's a lot we need to do the next 5 days before we leave on our 70 day trip around America with Battle of the Gains but I know we can do it. I washed the RV yesterday and tomorrow I'll be putting our GAINS decals all over it. Can you say GainsMobile? I'm mostly looking forward to having all of our ducks in a row so that all we have to do during the trip is meet people and make videos. Before our trip, our battleofthegains.com website has to be cleaned up with all the right pages, links, pictures and descriptions with everything we've got going on. 

My top 3 goals with this battleofthegains.com website is to sign people up for our ambassadorship program (World Changers) at https://battleofthegains.com/pages/gains-ambassador-program, have people buy apparel at https://battleofthegains.com/collections and have people subscribe for our GAINS newsletter. Our homepage should give a brief synopsis of everything that's on our entire website with the about us page, shopping page, US Gains Tour page, events page, World Changers page, Gains Live page and contact us page. 

I don't want to bore you with details... but a lot goes into website development... and I'm definitely not a website developer. I remember back in 2016 when I paid a developer a few thousand bucks to build my website. I didn't really understand what all went into website development and I was brand new to the business world so I wasn't absolutely clear on our mission and objectives with Battle of the Gains. All I knew was that I wanted to host my first sports tournament and bring out as many athletes, families and sponsors as possible. Fast forward 5 years and after going through annual revamps with my website, hosting different events including sports tournaments, motivational seminars, community group workouts and working with different website developers every few years - I'm not saying I'm a professional at building websites, but I definitely have a better understanding than I did 5 years ago. The goal with my website (and the goal for you with your website if you have one) is to to have people understand what the website is for, resonate with the website / company and want to get involved with the company. 

Something else I'm working on with the website is my FAQ page (frequently asked questions). Literally millions of people have heard about Battle of the Gains the last 5 years with all the events and social media we've done and because of our name, everyone is always asking what it is. So on my FAQ page on my website, I'll answer what Battle of the Gains is, how people can join Battle of the Gains, what the goal of Battle of the Gains and our World Changers program is, what the future with GAINS looks like, how we get sponsors, how we host events, what we're doing to raise awareness for mental health, etc. I think this page will be good not only for people who are visiting our website but also for me as I fine-tune Battle of the Gains. Our mission has definitely evolved over the last few years and this is exciting to me! 

I got a few things in the mail today (I've been getting a lot of things in the mail lately as we count down the days to our US Gains Tour). I got a new prime 50mm lens for my Sony A6100 camera. Just before that came, I had 150 US Gains Tour shirts that got delivered. So I gave the first shirt to the Best Buy delivery man and told him what we were doing with our company and our trip around America. I also gave him one of my business cards with a QR code that goes to our YouTube page. 

The RV isn't small but it's not huge. It's literally perfect for our trip around America. I started packing things into the RV this afternoon such as my camera equipment, lights, microphones, gimbal stabilizers, workout equipment and clothes. It's really cozy inside the RV and I'm excited to see how it drives in every state. We mapped out our trip (see our itinerary here: https://battleofthegains.com/pages/us-gains-tour) and with all of the driving we're doing, we are considering hiring a driver (JK). 

Today I uploaded a great interview I had on Zoom a few days ago with Rubina Cohen from Santa Fe, New Mexico. You can watch the interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EN-zaobTgkI&t=208s Rubina is the CEO and head marketing strategist with Firefly Strategies Global. She is an expert marketer who has helped numerous businesses and individuals develop and implement profit raising marketing strategies. Her experience spans almost 2 decades. She is also the creator of the Facebook group Genius Illuminated and the Marketing Genius Program, which guides entrepreneurs, freelancers, and marketing managers in mastering their efforts and elevating their strategic outcomes. Rubina is also a certified mediation teacher and martial artist, who practices both with passion and diligence.

I'll be interviewing business professionals and industry leaders like Rubina in every state of America during our US Gains Tour. Shoot me an email at info@battleofthegains.com if you'd like to be interviewed on the Q & Gains Show!

If you've read this whole blog, it means the world to me! Drop a comment below and let me know what you think about Battle of the Gains and our trip we're doing around America next week to spread the word about our mission. Seriously, it means the world when you guys reach out so I'd love to hear from you! Hope you have a great day and keep making GAINS! 

- Billy Gains 

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