How I met Ryan Schaub

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      I was one week out from hosting my first motivational seminar, “Gaining Your Edge,” when I got a friend request on Facebook from Ryan Schaub. We had 2 mutual friends who I knew were business professionals, so I sent him a message on Facebook, like I had for tons of Grand Rapids locals the last several months, inviting him to my event on April 26 at Start Garden. 

      He responded saying he had heard about Battle of the Gains as well as our next event Gaining Your Edge, but that it might be difficult to make it seeing as how he lived in Traverse City. I told him if he could make the drive, I would definitely ‘comp’ his ticket. He ended up coming to Gaining Your Edge and it was perfect timing because it was the same week that he was launching his first company, “Today We Bloom.”

      We talked for a few minutes after the event on April 26 at Start Garden and we planned on meeting up the following week. The next week when we met up, Ryan developed what he now calls the “fraction rule.” Ryan (I call him Tommy Gains) has an absolutely brilliant mind and REALLY understands how branding works… we joked (but were very serious), calling him the “King-Pin of branding.”

      “Your brand isn’t your colors and it isn’t what you say about yourself. Your brand is your values and how you act on those values at every point of contact. Which includes both your customers and your employees.” –Forbes

      We ended up staying at our friend Hugh’s office until 3 or 4 in the morning. As Ryan took Battle of the Gains through his new branding strategy/process with the “Fraction Rule,” Ryan pointed out that a lot of businesses have fractures in them and this was definitely the biggest problem I was having with Battle of the Gains, LLC. I thought I had started up several businesses within my gains business with hosting Gains Events, doing my Q & Gains Show podcast, writing my first book On the Rebound, selling Gains Apparel, doing a Daily Gains Show vlog and having my own consulting business, Gains Business Consulting…

      Ryan said I had to get the ‘fractures’ out of Battle of the Gains. Every time I created a different Facebook page or Website, it created a fracture in my business. This is a problem because your business should be solid. There should be no (or limited) cracks in it. Your customers/guests/clients/followers should be able to know exactly what to do when they go to your page. But if there are bunch of cracks and they have no idea where to go, they will be confused and won’t know what to do. And all business owners know… once they leave… they will never come back. In order to have a solid business, everything needs to be together and in one place so people can engage with you.

      What Today We Bloom stands for: 

            Today = Old school values & New school tactics

            We = Unity with TWB and your business

            Bloom = Grow your business and make more money

      If you are interested in learning more about Ryan Schaub and what he does, you can visit or reach out to Ryan on Instagram and Facbeook. Along with being a consultant, Ryan also builds amazing websites ( and does social media campaigns. But that’s not it. He also does videos, pictures, branding strategies and graphic design (


      Ryan will be a Panelist Speaker at the next Battle of the Gains Event: Relationship Gains on February 7, 2019.  Link:



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