Battle of the Gains is introducing a new program this year that will revolutionize the way people connect around the world in all aspects of life.


Connecting with Others

Over the next few years, Battle of the Gains will revolutionize the way people meet up in communities all around the world through its new World Changers program.


Making GAINS

We're all trying to make GAINS in life, but sometimes we also need to show some vulnerability in our physical, mental and spiritual well-being, as well as our career prospects. That’s where World Changers will help.


Millions of people will be making GAINS through World Changers over the next few years. After everything that happened with Covid-19 or coronavirus, we live in a different world now.


Other people could benefit from hearing YOUR story. World Changers will let you share how you're overcoming your daily battles to make great strides, or gains, in your life.


You could be a World Changer! 


Our Goal

Battle of the Gains main goal is to help people overcome their battles and make significant GAINS in their lives. Good health for everyone is our brand and our goal.


Physical, mental, spiritual health, as well as successful relationships with others and meaningful careers, remain our focus.


People are struggling all over the world today with anxiety disorders, behavioral and emotional disorders, bipolar affective disorders, dissociative disorders, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders. paranoia, post-traumatic stress disorders, psychosis, schizophrenia.


Many people don't know where to go for help. That’s where Battle of the Gains and its new World Changers program comes into the picture. 


Our Commitment

Battle of the Gains has been developing as an organization over the better part of the last decade to help people improve mental, physical and spiritual health, but our new World Changer program adds another dimension that will function like a blog or social media site. World Changers will be where Tumbler, LinkedIn, Wikipedia and YouTube meets psychologists and counselors.


We have several different avenues for you to join us through World Changers. Our umbrella is health; but, under that umbrella, we shelter ourselves and others from all the raindrops, puddles, lakes, rivers, streams and oceans of endless possibilities that keep us from moving forward.


Reaching Goals

World Changers will share stories of people’s journeys in attaining dream jobs, realizing career aspirations and adopting other success strategies, success networking or developing good relationships.


World Changers

Our World Changer program aims to be a global resource to help people overcome their battles, while making physical gains, mental, spiritual gains, along with professional success. 


World Changers will be a great place for counselors and psychologists to provide information for people who want to know all the answers to questions in their lives. For example,  mental health experts will share tips and advice on subjects that range from escaping drug addiction to preventing depression or suicide.


Our World Changer program projects to be a global resource to help people overcome their battles, while making physical gains, mental gains and professional gains. People can meet up on our app and website to exchange ideas, provide support or workout with other people who want to do group activities, like sports, yoga and everything else exercise.


Our World Changer initiative will function like a Barnes and Nobles, providing a wide range of resources that help people to reach their goals and achieve whatever their dreams may be. World Changer is going to revolutionize the way people interact with each other, similar to how Uber changed the way people take taxis or Airbnb’s changed the way people stay in other people's houses instead of hotels.


A Multifaceted Resource

Along with our various online social hangouts provided for World Changers, Battle of the Gains hosts cultural community events around the world where people can share their personal inner battles and thoughts interpersonally.


GAINS hosts professional events in cities around the world, bringing in local leaders and industry giants to answer frequently asked questions in their field.


We are also building a GAINS apparel and product line to be worn to by people around the world to promote our cause, we’re working on software to track every lead, sale and commission payment we will eventually provide for World Changers followers who want to help us reach our mission. 

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