What is Battle of the Gains?

Battle of the Gains (GAINS for short) is a healthy living movement inspiring people through events, online resources and ambassadorship program to live their best life by overcoming battles and making gains physically, mentally, spiritually, financially and with relationships. The ultimate mission for Battle of the Gains is to stop the rising rates of depression, anxiety, suicide and homicide. We believe that people everywhere should be able to attain their life goals, despite obstacles. 

Who started Battle of the Gains and Why? 

Billy Gains (Will Ellermets) started Battle of the Gains in his junior year of college at Grand Valley State University. Billy was studying to be a middle school English teacher and wanted to start an after school program to help connect students from different walks of life. He thought it would be beneficial for students to learn from peers outside their normal groups so they could expand their horizon. This after school program turned into Battle of the Gains in the fall of 2015. 


How can I join Battle of the Gains? 

This is a question that millions of people around America have asked since the organization started in 2015. Through social media and events, we've been able to reach the masses - but this question of how people can join has just been answered as of 2021. Now introducing our World Changers ambassadorship program. Join our community of World Changers who are helping to positively influence the next generation. It's free to sign up and it's one of the most intimate team experiences in the world. Gain access to exclusive, uncut content, to real-life hangouts, insane giveaways, limited edition GAINS Clothing, site-wide discounts, free shipping, and a ton more - we know you're going to love it. 

What is the World Changers program?

The World Changers program is a new program that Battle of the Gains rolled out in the beginning of 2021 that will revolutionize the way people connect around the world in all aspects of life. World Changers will share stories of people's journeys in attaining dream jobs, realizing career aspirations and adopting other success strategies, success networking and developing good relationships. Our World Changer program aims to be a global resource to help people overcome their battles, while making physical gains, mental, spiritual gains, along with professional success. World Changers will be a great place for counselors and psychologists to provide information for people who want to know all the answers to questions in their lives. For example, mental health experts will share tips and advice on subjects that range from escaping drug addiction to preventing depression or suicide. Our World Changer program projects to be a global resource to help people overcome their battles, while making physical gains, mental gains and professional gains. People can meet up on our website forum (Gains Live) or in our Facebook group (World Changers: 7 Day Challenges). People can exchange ideas, provide support or workout with other people who want to do group activities, like sports, yoga and everything else exercise. Our World Changer initiative will function like a Barnes and Nobles, providing a wide range of resources that help people to reach their goals and achieve whatever their dreams may be. World Changer is going to revolutionize the way people interact with each other, similar to how Uber changed the way people take taxis or Airbnb's changed the way people stay in other people's houses instead of hotels. Welcome to the #1 community app in the world. Sign up for free at battleofthegains.com and start your journey as a World Changer by becoming a representing ambassador for Battle of the Gains. 

What kind of events does Battle of the Gains host?

What kind of events don't we host? Well... events that are bad for you. All of our events are good for you and they happen in your community 4 times a year. In the spring we host a beginning-of-the-year motivational seminar teaching things like how to ignite your life, unleash your full potential and how to network with others. In the summer time we host our annual GAINS sports tournaments and festivals. We have hundreds of athletes competing in basketball, soccer, flag-football, volleyball and tennis tournaments. Food trucks and vendors everywhere for spectators to get freebies and give-aways from local businesses and sponsors. Motivational speakers, music, family fun events and more. Our summer sports tournaments and festivals are usually the highlight for families everywhere. In the fall time we host award shows recognizing community leaders and of course - our World Changers that are representing ambassadors for Battle of the Gains. Last but definitely not least, in the winter time we host an end-of-the-year community group workout where people write down their goals for the next year. All of our events are about engaging communities and connecting like-minded individuals. 

Where has GAINS hosted events and where will future events be?

Starting in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2015... we hosted our first ever Battle of the Gains event on July 16, 2016 at the high school (Hudsonville) that Billy Gains graduated from. There were 200+ athletes, 50 vendors and sponsors and hundreds of families and spectators that showed out for the the first event. With social media and local news coverage, GAINS reached over 500,000 people online in its first year of business. We ended 2016 with a community group workout with over 50 athletes repping their Battle of the Gains apparel. In 2017 we hosted our first motivational seminar (The West Michigan MakeOver Morning), we hosted our 2nd Annual Battle of the Gains Festival at the local John Ball Zoo and we ended the year with another community group workout with 100+ athletes. In 2018 we hosted our 2nd motivational seminar called 'Gaining Your Edge.' We hosted our 3rd Annual Battle of the Gains Festival at the local beach in Holland, Michigan and ended the year with our community group workout at the YMCA. In 2019 we hosted our best motivational seminar yet called 'Gaining Your Edge.' Our 4th Annual Battle of the Gains Festival was also the biggest festival yet with 20 motivational speakers, hundreds of athletes, sponsors and vendors and we even attempted to break the world-record for the world's largest water balloon fight. 2020 happened... and we couldn't host any events due new laws and restrictions. But this gave us the time to build our blueprints and infrastructure so we could bring our Battle of the Gains events around the country. 2021 Billy Gains is going on a national tour with GAINS... visiting every state capitol in America. 

What does the future hold for Battle of the Gains? 

200 events a year in America... 4 in each state capitol. Hundreds of thousands of Ambassadors sharing their stories of overcoming battles and making gains. Depression, anxiety, suicide and homicide rates go down around the world. After school programs for kids to connect with others and college programs for young adults to learn how to pick the right career and how to network. Healthier communities and healthier individuals will help to make the world a better place. 

How does Battle of the Gains involve sponsors? 

Sponsors make all of our community events possible. 

How is Battle of the Gains raising awareness for mental-health? 

When will Battle of the Gains come to my city?