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Promoting Health Communities via Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Financial and Relationship Gains

For Immediate Release | From Battle of the Gains | 

COMING SOON: U.S. GAINS tour heading toward your community 

COMING SOON to your state: Be the first in your area to find out about a great new program designed to inspire hope across the U.S. after the misery of Covid-19. It's been a long year... but help is on the way!

The US Gains Tour will stop in all 50 state capitals and local Chambers of Commerce while traveling around America with its upbeat message. We'll ask area residents for tips on surviving stress, such as a crisis like our recent once-in-a-century pandemic. 


We're on a mission to prove that we're all the same no matter where we live. We believe that people everywhere should be able to attain their life goals, despite obstacles. If not; we'll be there to help! We're going to ask A LOT of Americans how they survived the past year, recording their answers in five-minute videos to inspire others. 
Gains will partner with each community to put the focus on courageous citizens who have overcome all kinds of tough circumstances. Our goal is to raise spirits and instill optimism everywhere we go. Through our World Changers program, Battle of the Gains hopes to reduce rising rates of anxiety, depression, suicide... even homicide. Our first step: We'll start chapters in each U.S. state. In the meantime, we'll function as an online resource for anyone who is struggling with life's challenges. 
To join us on becoming World Changers, local residents can sign up now here. Peer counselors and experts will be available there to chat about rough issues. Leaders from each community will talk about how they (or their organization) help their neighbors win life's battles. We hope to recruit World Changers in every state. They'll help us host GAINS future events and programs, providing resources that hep people overcome obstacles, reach their goals and live the best possible lives. 
Anyone can get involved in the GAINS program
NOW by clicking here


March 2021
3.15 Leave Silicon Valley, CA,
headed towards our 1st stop:
3.16 Phoenix, Arizona
3.17 Santa Fe, New Mexico
3.18 Denver, Colorado
3.19 Denver, Colorado
3.20 Denver, Colorado
3.21 Denver, Colorado
3.22 Cheyenne, Wyoming
3.23 Lincoln, Nebraska
3.24 Topeka, Kansas
3.25 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
3.26 Austin, Texas
3.27 Baton Rouge, Louisiana
3.28 Baton Rouge, Louisiana
3.29 Jackson, Mississippi 
3.30 Little Rock, Arkansas
3.31 Nashville, Tennessee
April 2021
4.1 Atlanta, Georgia
4.2 Montgomery, Alabama
4.3 Tallahassee, Florida
4.4 Fort Lauderdale, Florida
4.5 Key West, Florida
4.6 Key West, Florida 
4.7 Orlando, Florida
4.8 Columbia, South Carolina 
4.9 Raleigh, North Carolina
4.10 Richmond, Virginia
4.11 Washington, D.C.
4.12 Annapolis, Maryland - Dover, Delaware - Trenton, New Jersey
4.13 New York City, New York
4.14 Hartford, Connecticut - Providence, Rhode Island 
4.15 Boston, Massachusetts
4.16 Concord, New Hampshire - Augusta, Maine
4.17 Montpelier, Vermont
4.18 Albany, New York
4.19 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
4.20 Charleston, West Virginia
4.21 Columbus, Ohio
4.22 Frankfurt, Kentucky
4.23 Indianapolis, Indiana
4.24 Lansing, Michigan
4.25 Grand Rapids, Michigan
4.26 Grand Rapids, Michigan
4.28 Grand Rapids, Michigan
4.29 Grand Rapids, Michigan
4.30 Grand Rapids, Michigan
May 2021
5.1 Grand Rapids, Michigan
5.2 Springfield, Illinois
5.3 Jefferson City, Missouri
5.4 Des Moines, Iowa
5.5 Davenport, Iowa
5.6 Madison, Wisconsin
5.7 St. Paul, Minnesota   
5.8 Pierre, South Dakota                         
5.9 Pierre, South Dakota
5.10 Bismarck, North Dakota
5.11 Helena, Montana
5.12 Helena, Montana
5.13 Helena, Montana
5.14 Olympia, Washington
5.15 Seattle, Washington
5.16 Seattle, Washington
5.17 Salem, Oregon
5.18 Boise, Idaho
5.19 Salt Lake City, Utah
5.20 Carson City, Nevada


Battle of the Gains is a movement conceived and launched by Will Ellermets (aka Billy Gains) as a student at Grand Valley State University (Grand Rapids, MI). GAINS communications pieces, such as this news release, are developed by Susan K. Maciak of CAMEO Career & Corporate Consulting. For more details or information, email or call 616.635.9018.