Introducing . . . Billy Gains
Perfect speaker for your school assembly or youth conferences!


Billy Gains (William Ellermets) founded Battle of the Gains in Grand Rapids (MI) to promote mental, physical and spiritual health to stem the rising tide of anxiety, depression, suicide and homicide among young people around the world.
Billy’s life-changing message for conquering life’s struggles is the core of his book “On the Rebound,” co-authored with his mentor Susan K. Maciak.
On the Rebound is available in soft cover and eBook on Amazon.com and other online book stores. This life-altering book can also be ordered at battleofthegains.com   


Reserve your date NOW for Billy Gains’ 2021 student tour! Bringing this program to young people you know will help them:

  • Handle losses like boyfriend-girlfriend or family break-ups.
  • Develop character and skills to stay strong under pressure.
  • Gain grit to deal with life’s disappointments.
  • Reduce belittling and bullying among young people.
  • Gain physical, mental and spiritual strength to cope with setbacks.


Bring Billy Gains’ inspirational program to your school or organization! For special 2021 rates on this program for non-profit groups, contact us here. 



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