US Gains Tour

The US Gains Tour will include 5 minute videos on YouTube of Billy Gains traveling to each state in America. We’ll check out the best food… talk to people and get their knowledge and their views and opinions on life and how similar America really is as a country. This will be a study of people all around America. We’re on a mission to prove that we're all the same no matter where we are. We all want to enjoy life… live a quality life… be happy with who we are… where we are and who we are with. We are trying to get everyone on that mindset. People should be happy with where they are and who they are… if they’re not then we are here to help. It’s beyond World Changers and shirts. It’s so much more than that. And we know we won't meet everyone but we're going to meet a lot of people. People that have a story and everyone has a story. We’ll probably only meet a few people in each state and the crazy thing about life is that you and me are so complex… imagine all the people in America… they’re all just one person too… and everyone is so complex. 

Who it will involve is everyone in America… well not everyone. It will involve people we meet. New friends we meet. People who can be potential friends.  We want to partner with leaders and industry giants to be a part of the gains movement to focus on stopping the rising rates of depression, anxiety, suicide and homicide by starting up chapters in each state that function as an online reource for anyone struggling in their life. We’ll have counselors and therapists available to chat with people and we’ll put on free events weekly where industry leaders in each community can talk about what they specialize in to help people. 

When will it be in a city near you? SOON! 

3.15 Leave Silicon Valley, CA and head towards our 1st stop: Phoenix, Arizona

3.16 Phoenix, Arizona

3.17 Santa Fe, New Mexico

3.18 Denver, Colorado

3.19 Denver, Colorado

3.20 Denver, Colorado

3.21 Denver, Colorado

3.22 Cheyenne, Wyoming

3.23 Lincoln, Nebraska

3.24 Topeka, Kansas

3.25 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

3.26 Austin, Texas

3.27 Baton Rouge, Louisiana

3.28 Baton Rouge, Louisiana

3.29 Jackson, Mississippi 

3.30 Little Rock, Arkansas

3.31 Nashville, Tennessee

4.1 Atlanta, Georgia

4.2 Montgomery, Alabama

4.3 Tallahassee, Florida

4.4 Tallahassee, Florida

4.5 Tallahassee, Florida

4.6 Tallahassee, Florida 

4.7 Tallahassee, Florida

4.8 Columbia, South Carolina 

4.9 Raleigh, North Carolina

4.10 Richmond, Virgina

4.11 Washington, D.C.

4.12 Annapolis, Maryland

4.13 Dover, Delaware

4.14 Trenton, New Jersey

 4.15 New York City, New York

4.16 Hartford, Connecticut

4.17 Providence, Rhode Island 

4.18 Boston, Massachusetts

4.19 Concord, New Hampshire

4.20 Augusta, Maine

4.21 Montpelier, Vermont

4.22 Albany, New York

4.23 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

5.5 - 5.6 Charleston, West Virginia

5.7 - 5.8 Columbus, Ohio

5.9 - 5.10 Frankfurt, Kentucky

5.11 - 5.12  Indianapolis, Indiana

5.12 - 5.16 Lansing, Michigan

5.17 - 5.18 Springfield, Illinois

5.19 - 2.21 Jefferson City, Missouri

5.22 - 5.23 Des Moines, Iowa

5.24 - 5.25 Madison, Wisconsin

5.26 - 5.27 St. Paul, Minnesota

5.28 - 5.29 Pierre, South Dakota

5.30 - 5.31 Bismark, North Dakota

6.1 - 6.3 Helena, Montana

6.4 - 6.6 Olympia, Washington

6.7 - 6.8 Salem, Oregon

6.9 - 6.10 Boise, Idaho

6.11 - 6.12 Salt Lake City, Utah

6.13 - 6.14 Carson City, Nevada

6.15 - 6.16 Sacramento, California

What will participants get out of it? A new perspective. A fresh perspective. Something enjoyable to watch on YouTube for people that want to see the current state of America and inspiration people have to make gains.. It’s going to be inspirational for people to do their own thing… it doesn’t need to be traveling to all 50 states but people can definitely get inspiration from Gains to create their own goals and journeys for their life. We want to connect people around America in a time of such political dissonance. It will be good for people to see that we are not so different and we can agree on hopefully one thing: which is the will to live a good life and a happy one… a satisfactory one that is kind to you, kind to the earth and kind to the people around you. We will revolutionize the way people connect and motivate communities.

How does the World Changers program fit into the US Gains Tour? It fits in perfectly! As we travel to each state capital and meet people and do social media in each state capital, we’ll be meeting leaders of communities across the country who we’ll be signing up for our World Changers program. We have an exclusive facebook group and you can sign up at to be a part of our program. What does being in our program consist of? Glad you asked! We help people start up youtube channels and all other social media accounts that aim to inspire others by sharing their stories of battles they go through and how they’re making gains in life. This program is something that will change people’s lives. This World Changers program and everything we’re doing should be taken as serious as possible by the people that we get involved with because we’re dealing with a lot of people in the world that are really hurting right now and need help and inspiration to overcome their battles and start living their life with purpose and fulfilment. Our goal is simple: help mental health. During our US Gains tour, we’ll be posting daily YouTube videos showing us going to the capitals of each state as well as the chambers of commerce to interview people in the communities and hear how people are making gains and overcoming battles. This US Gains Tour is going to be exactly what Gains needs to become a nationally and eventually global organization. It’s going to be really interesting to have conversations with people in every state as this will help us understand people from every region in America. We’ll be posting smaller videos on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok and Snapchat to drive traffic to our website to get people to sign up in each state for World Changers. We’ll be asking people about their mental health and how covid-19 impacted them as well as asking them if they would use our Gains Live social media app that we’ve been developing as a resource for our World Changers program. 

People can get involved by going to - we’ve got more information on past events we’ve hosted, testimonies from other World Changers, how people can meet us on the US Gains Tour and sign up to be a World Changer. Once you’re approved by the Gains Ambassadorship Team, you will be assigned to a campaign with Battle of the Gains. Our umbrella is mental health but there are so many different departments with Gains that people can be involved with such as teaching people how to workout, how to eat properly, how to start a business, how to deal with mental health, relationships, career, etc. Our Gains apparel line has customized Gains jerseys for every state so support our movement and rep your state with custom gains jerseys. We have incentives for World Changers to promote our events and products and the goal for our world changer program is to host hundreds of events across the country after covid-19 goes away and everyone gets vaccinated. After this US Gains Tour, we should be in the tens of thousands for World Changers in our program. Battle of the Gains is working towards being a global resource for mental health. After we spread the word about the Gains movement across the nation this spring and facilitate relationships with leaders, we’ll look forward to all the amazing gains events we’ll be hosting such as beginning of the year motivational seminars, sports tournaments, community business expos, world changers award shows, group workouts and goal setting events. World changers once approved on the website will be added in the Battle of the Gains Facebook Group, World Changers: 7 Day Challenges. They will post daily or weekly videos and it will be a place where people can give and take advice on overcoming battles and making gains. At the beginning of each week, a World Changer will give the challenge of the week in the group such as drinking a gallon of water a day, not eating meat for a week, doing 10 sit ups a day, etc. This will eventually turn into a the Gains Live app, but for now… weekly World Changer videos can be seen on Gains Live.